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Beachbody Summit 2015

Things are heating up in the wild town of Nashville, Tennessee!  From going back stage of The Bridgestone Center, to venturing out onto the field of Nissan Stadium (home of the Tennessee Titans), I was honored for the opportunity to be apart of Beachbody’s  annual even, Summit.  What is Summit?  It is a fitness packed event where thousands of people come together to not only meet world famous celebrity fitness trainers like Sean Thompson, Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, and many others alike, but they also get the chance to work out with them in the worlds largest group work out session on the planet.  Between all the work and private parties, I got an average of 3 hours sleep each night, (4 if I was lucky).  Time to hibernate for the next week, until next time Tennessee!


Scene Study – Fried Chicken

In this 24hour scene study production, we explored an anonymously written script and threw our own creative spin on it.  Terry is a marketing genius and his not so prepared co-worker relentlessly demands his guidance on a presentation due tomorrow.  Will Terry’s idea fly or crash and burn?  Click play to find out for yourself.



Scene Study – Two Jetskis

In this fun exercise, my friends and I shot and edited this scene together in 24hours.  Written by Hank Murray, we attempt to bring a comedic approach to getting shut down by a cute girl.  Maddox is as smooth as they come; a real ace when it comes to women and the social environment.  His good friend, Will, does not seem to be on his game at a particular party.  Once Maddox realizes that Will is drowning himself in sorrow, he attempts to reinstate Will’s confidence and get him back to the party.