California Dreaming

Decided to catch a little magic hour at one of my favorite beaches in California.  I am continuously humbled by the beauty this world has to offer.  When I feel negativity enter my life, I like to follow the sun to the ocean.  Life will have its highs and its lows, but even in troubled times, stopping to appreciate the beauty that exists within and around us readjust our energy from negativity to positivity.  The ocean is a physical and literal metaphor that communicates this to us daily.


Teaming Up With China

I’m so excited to share with you all that I have been scheduled to Direct my first ever foreign property.  A comedy show that aims to bring traditionally rival cultures together (China, Korea, Japan).  When I first read the script I was laughing so hard, and love the message that it is communicating overall.  I really cannot wait to share this one with you all!  The show is a TV series that will air in China for Chinees audiences and we are currently in the process of locking in U.S. distribution as well.  Stay Tuned!


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Have you ever been to Jackson Hole?  Or even Wyoming for that matter?  Cause if not, then you definitely should!  It was such a beautiful place, with awesome snow/ skiing, and a fun town to get a taste of the local night life.  We saw so many wild animals, and it was a refreshing trip away from the chaos of life in the city.  One of my favorite moments was the sporadic decision to rent a car with my good friend Mike Lloyd, and explore the state with with nothing else but our cameras, and a map of Wyoming.  This is just a fun photo recap of our time in Jackson Hole and I know, I will absolutely be back here again sometime soon!



Beachbody Summit 2015

Things are heating up in the wild town of Nashville, Tennessee!  From going back stage of The Bridgestone Center, to venturing out onto the field of Nissan Stadium (home of the Tennessee Titans), I was honored for the opportunity to be apart of Beachbody’s  annual even, Summit.  What is Summit?  It is a fitness packed event where thousands of people come together to not only meet world famous celebrity fitness trainers like Sean Thompson, Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, and many others alike, but they also get the chance to work out with them in the worlds largest group work out session on the planet.  Between all the work and private parties, I got an average of 3 hours sleep each night, (4 if I was lucky).  Time to hibernate for the next week, until next time Tennessee!