Mixed Media Slideshow Presentations

Seeing is believing, and interactive slide shows, also known as, Mixed Media Presentation, is an excellent way to engage and share your story told though your personal memories!  More than just a traditional slideshow, Mixed Media Presentations offer a unique entertainment value as your assets (photo and video files) come to life on screen.  Timeless value allows for the opportunity to exceed the expectations of many, while also satisfying our sense of life fulfillment.  Share, post, and relive those priceless moments in this nostalgic form of personal history.  It’s not just a movie; it’s a memory.  So how will you be remembered?

Personal Productions

Timeless value is rare. See why personal productions, will increase in value over time. From special events/ occasions to memorials and celebrations, personal productions are a great way to capture the excitement and relive the priceless moments that define our heritage.  So let’s talk, and get personal to tell and share a story that will leave you and others in tears and laughter,  for many years to come!

Corporate Productions

It’s better to blend out than blend in, so make a bold impression in the marketplace and showcase the sterling reputation that you have built.  In today’s face-paced world, the most efficient way to connect with both loyal and new clients is by way of the visual medium.  Whether it is photography, cinematography, or graphic design, your branding must have a strong visual presence.  So if you are looking to thrive and grow in a competitive industry, stay ahead of the competition, then act courageously forthright and let us collaborate with you!

Creative Productions

There are no limitations to a creative mind and the possibilities of imagination and exploration.  Supported by the art of music, color, light, and many other works, Film above all is the most profound and universally celebrated art form that embodies human emotion and connection.  Fueled by passion and determination, I am always looking to create, share, connect, and explore human emotion and personal connection communicated through the advent of film.  Let’s turn your ideas into reality from inception to completion and start creating! 

  • Mixed Media Presentations
  • $1,500.00Total
    • 50 – 200 files
    • Music of your choosing
    • Lifetime Insurance

  • Lets Get Started!
  • Personal Productions
  • $60Hourly
    • Photo Shoots
    • Video Shoots
    • Video Editing

  • Let's Talk!
  • Corporate Productions
  • $600Per 10- Hour Day
    • Live Events
    • Branded Content
    •  Commercials

  • Lets Collaborate!
  • Creative Productions
  • $700Per 12-Hour Day
    • Documentaries
    • Narratives
      Short & long form
    • TV & Web Series

  • Lets Create!

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